The Design Process: How it Works

Every designer works a little differently, but the process for me generally works like this…

When someone, we’ll call them the client, has a design project, whether residential, commercial or landscape, the process starts with an initial meeting.  We meet and they describe what they are hoping to accomplish.  If possible, we take a tour, and we talk.  If the client has magazine pictures or on line images that help illustrate what they are hoping for, so much the better!

Then, if the client decides they want to proceed, we get to work.  I come up with design solutions and generate a presentation drawing or layout for the client.  We meet again to present the design, we tweek the design and final drawings are generated.

From here there are several options, but generally this is where the design can go to a contractor for bids.  Once the contractor starts the project, I will stay as involved as the client wants…a lot or a little, its up to the client.

All consultation, design work, contractor and vendor interface is billed at an hourly rate of $85 and references are available upon request.

The details of each project are unique to each client, but the overall process is relatively similar.  It can be fun, creative and ultimately a very rewarding experience.





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